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Mobile Internet is changing our life quietly by getting people closer to each other, and it also provides the perfect conditions for FreeBao to be born. After 5 years of crafting, FreeBao aims at creating the best social network based online education platform for everyone and making English learning a life style and a fashion.

5 reasons for you to choose FreeBao:

1.FreeBao university is the new mobile based online language learning platform. We believe in ‘Just in Time Education’ so that students can enjoy English learning anytime anywhere with their mobile phones. Once you click ‘Set up a class’, hundreds of thousands of teachers will get your request immediately. No blackboard or classroom. In FreeBao, learning is the combination of efficiency and pleasure.

2.FreeBao City-Chat is an international chat community. In City-Chats, you can not only talk to your neighbors but also foreigners coming from the other half of hemisphere. In short, City-Chats being the online versions of all the cities in the world makes FreeBao an inclusive mini world.

3.FreeBao offers 11-language instant translation service in all chat rooms. The common communication difficulty that happens when a French meets a Korean - “Bonjour。”“안녕하세요?”, will no longer be an issue. FreeBao users come from different countries with different language backgrounds. This instant translation service can translate 11 languages into your language precisely and immediately, which truly realizes barrier-free communication.

4.FreeBao travel translator provides you with both voice and text translation services. No matter which country you travel to, you will never be bothered by the language barrier. With FreeBao, traveling abroad is easy.

5. When? Where? What? In FreeBao post, you can share your life easily by picture posting, voice and text messages. Checking the life details of your international friends is just as simple. Using FreeBao to update your social network is choosing a brand new life style.

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