Q: About FreeBao?

A: FreeBao is the world’s first new media application that connects the world through City Chats and posts. Its excellent and instant translation offers 11 languages to ensure fluent communication. You will be studying systematically through our FreeBao University App.

Q: I have no basic skills; will I be able to learn?

A: Our courses are customized for a student based on his/her own situation, and we will match the corresponding teachers for him/her. Our textbooks are developed by European, American, and Singapore educational experts. Classes are 1 on 1 teaching, which allows you to interact with our teachers. Our interesting scenarios would encourage you start speaking English boldly.

Q: Where are FreeBao teachers from?

A: FreeBao teachers are from English-speaking countries around the world. About 80% of them are from Europe and America, and 20% of them are from other countries. You would have to know different accent to understand this English better.

Q: What are the steps if I want to take classes?

A: If you register through official FreeBao account or download FreeBao App from App Stores, you would receive a free class, and our Course Consultants will provide services for you.

Q: What if the class disconnects halfway through?

A: The class will be calculated pro rata. So if you only have a 15-minute class you will be charged accordingly.

Q: What are the technical requirements?

A: FreeBao is available for iOS and Android (sorry windows). Please ensure your operating system is up to date and that you have the latest version of our App. When taking a class on FreeBao university, please ensure your phone is plugged in and that you are wearing headphones. Finally, a strong WiFi connection is a must to ensure a good quality class.

Q: How long do I have to learn to see good results?

A: You will need your own perseverance, high frequency of learning, the right method of learning, and the courage to talk with native speakers to speak fluent English. We recommend 6-8 classes each week and continuous learning. Free Talk in the home page would help you to review your class materials, and the various random topics can help you further in learning English. FreeBao Course Consultants can also help you in practicing and reviewing since they have passed TEM-8. We will help you in all ways to improve your English.

Q: I want to learn English, but I’m busy?

A: You are able to learn in anywhere at anytime if you have your phone with you. We can help you to fill up the fragment time for our classes are only 25 minutes. Its systematic courses will automatically record your learning history, which provide intimate service for our students.

Q: What if my question wasn’t answered in this FAQ?

A: Don’t worry. We have our customer service team available through the App. Simply go to setting, feedback and then you will be able to message our service team directly.

Q: How do I contact FreeBao if I have suggestions or feedbacks?

A: We look forward to your feedbacks and suggestions to help us do better in the future. Simply go to setting, feedback and then you will be able to message our service team directly, or call 400-782-0718.